Ian Wilson




This web site gives details about the work I do and provides some information around using digital media in education for teaching and learning. You can view examples of my work by following the links above which are divided into different categories. There are pages which list some of my favourite software and the local schools in Cheshire I have worked in. There is also a page dedicated to the ‘learner’s voice’ which contains a range of genuine quotes from children and young people I have worked with.


A little history...

In 2002, I began to work in schools under the name of ‘Creative Digital Video’. It was born out of a pilot digital video project at a small rural primary school in Cheshire. The purpose of the project was to see how children could use digital video as a learning tool in school. Digital video at this time, was just becoming affordable and accessible to more and more people and I believed it had great potential within educational settings. For the next three years, I spent most of my time working in education on digital video projects, introducing many Cheshire schools to digital creativity. After establishing my work in education using digital video as a teaching and learning process, I began to explore other areas of digital media. Developments in software meant that animation, podcasting and comic-making were now easily

achieved and offered new opportunities for digital creativity within education. Consequently, working with video is now just one part of my work, comics, podcasting and animation are becoming increasingly popular for teachers and learners. It is now clear that digital media are becoming integrated in many schools and teachers and children are exploring the opportunities it creates for learning in the 21st century.